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With the recent push towards ‘going green’ Global 1 Packaging Inc. is now offering its customers alternatives.  Please contact to inquire about these types of bags.

Recycled Material Blend 

As a brand, are you looking to be more environmentally-friendly on a budget?
Then our ‘This Bag Contains Recycled Material’ line is a strong option for you.
These regular poly bags are a blend which includes a portion of recycled material.

Please note this excludes any food grade FDA approved bags.

Oxo-Biodegradable Material 

Do you want to step up your company’s green initiative game, taking it to the next level? Then let us talk to you about our ‘Oxo-Biodegradable Material’ line.

Compostable Material

Looking for a ‘greener’ route?  Let us introduce you to our ‘Compostable Biodegradable’ line. All products are made from renewable sources and are 100% compostable. These bags meet the ASTM D6400-99 specifications for biodegradability and compostability.


Reusable Bags

Available in a variety of colours, with screen print or laminate print logo options available.

In cooperation with an international factory located overseas comes our ‘Reusable Bag’ line. These products are durable, lightweight, cloth-like in texture, made entirely of polypropylene material and are highly suited for reuse.

This joint venture is established with a solid foundation of best practices and procedures, including employment rights on par with North American standards.


A small quantity of bags are kept in stock and are available for custom printing at our local facility. 

3 Benefits for Customers

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